Monday, October 20, 2008

10-20-08 AM

Recently added another addition to our business. We are now doing "Bling" or rhinestones. What's fun about this is that while we have quite a few stock designs, we can also create our own. We have some fonts available for practically any text. Currently working on a Goldwing design. It's a little more intense than most of the stuff we have but has been a good learning curve.
For those of you who know us personally, we recently added a new addition to the family. Our daughter Tiffany has just had a little girl. Alexandrya Anne, weighing in at........wait for it.........
11 lbs 3 oz. In her first week she rolled over twice. There was a joke going around that she would walk out of the hospital with her mother. Of course we are very proud to add her to the other 7 grandkids we have. Will try to add some pics later as I learn more about this blogging thing.

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Sharon said...

I'm all about the BLING!!! That would make a great Christmas gift for someone that LOVES bling! *hint hint*