Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hello again to all,
And a special "hello" to Misty down in Texas. (Misty, is there any way to leave a post on your blog? I couldn't find one.) Anyway, Misty had commented on my widget on the side that shows different projects that people have done with Photoshop. While I don't use Photoshop, I believe I can get similar effects with Corel Paint Shop Pro and Corel Draw. I've included today, two projects that I've done for customers that will show what I am talking about, but in no way are comparable to the artwork done in the widget.
The top pics are originals and the bottoms are after I was finished playing around.
The wedding photo I lightened, removed lamp post,boat, orange flags, cars, and electrical box.
The motorcycle photo, I removed the lady and her shadow, and the car. These are very basic examples of what can be done. Click on photos to enlarge.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Got up early planning on working on some "bling" but ended up driving to the west side of town to retrieve some spools of thread Glory left at our GWTA meeting last Saturday night. We took them to match the color of one of the members bikes. Stopped at Hobby Lobby and found some styrofoam cones needed to make more christmas trees for the club. Glory volunteered to make some for table decorations at our Christmas party this year. Also stopped at Micheals on the east side to pick up a t-shirt. They have a pretty good deal right now. 2 for $5. Came home and found Panda limping pretty bad. He and Maggie must have got in an argument. It's been coming as he tries to act like he's the boss occasionally. She must have disagreed this time. He's doing better today but still limping. Probably more for sympathy than anything. Hope to work on the bling and the website today. Need pics for the website but will probably post without them.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Alexandrya Anne.

Sept 27, 2008

11 lbs 3 oz

20.5 inches

Isn't she beautiful?

10-20-08 AM

Recently added another addition to our business. We are now doing "Bling" or rhinestones. What's fun about this is that while we have quite a few stock designs, we can also create our own. We have some fonts available for practically any text. Currently working on a Goldwing design. It's a little more intense than most of the stuff we have but has been a good learning curve.
For those of you who know us personally, we recently added a new addition to the family. Our daughter Tiffany has just had a little girl. Alexandrya Anne, weighing in at........wait for it.........
11 lbs 3 oz. In her first week she rolled over twice. There was a joke going around that she would walk out of the hospital with her mother. Of course we are very proud to add her to the other 7 grandkids we have. Will try to add some pics later as I learn more about this blogging thing.