Monday, November 3, 2008

Window graphics

Good morning.
Since our website is still under "destruction", I thought today I'd show a few examples of some vehicle window graphics we have available. These are really HOT today as you've undoubtably noticed as you have driven around. You can choose to customize these almost any way you prefer. IE: names for stick figure families, numbers for sport graphics. If you can think of it we can probably do it. Sorry, the "Calvin" graphic or other commercial and sport logo's are not available . These are a very few examples of some things you can do. Call us and let us know what you would like.


domnlexismommy said...

I need a stick figure one!

Misty said...

Hey Roger!

Can you make a stick figure one for my whole family? Seven? And what do they cost? I've been dying to get one.... That is for your car right?